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Use Of Oil Lamp

Jan 10, 2020

As a lighting tool, as long as there is a disc-shaped object containing fuel, plus oil and a wick, the original function can be achieved. The appearance of lamps with a certain shape is the result of human beings combining practicality and aesthetics. The early lamps were similar to the pottery "beans". "Wadou Zhideng", the upper seat and lower seat, connected by columns in the middle, although the shape is relatively simple, but it lays the basic shape of Chinese oil lamps. After the baptism of bronze culture, due to the improvement of casting technology, oil lamps, like other utensils, have achieved important developments in modeling and created the glory of Chinese oil lamp art. From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Han Dynasty, the high development of the oil lamp has departed from the practical requirements. Like other utensils, it has become a ceremonial device of a particular era. "The blue candle is bright and the lantern is wrong." It reflects the rules and regulations of society and politics. The masterpieces of this period include the Warring States Period silver figure humanoid lamp and fifteen branch lamps unearthed from Pingshan Sanji of Hebei; the Western Han Dynasty dragon-shaped lamp unearthed from the Tomb of the King of Nanyue in Guangzhou; the Western Han Dynasty Changxin Palace lamp, sheep-shaped lamp and the current household unearthed from Manchu City Lights; Western Han feather lights unearthed from Datang, Wuzhou, Guangxi; cattle-shaped lights unearthed from Ganquan Mountain, Minjiang, Jiangsu; lying humanoid chandeliers from the Eastern Han Dynasty found in Changsha, Hunan; and eastern Han goose lanterns from Xiangfen County, Shanxi.

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