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Surface Cleaning Of Glass Beads

Feb 05, 2020

With the development of science and technology, this new type of material, glass microbeads, has slowly entered people's field of vision. Due to its stable chemical properties, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, and light weight, it has now been widely used in various applications. field.

Glass beads are commonly used with resin to produce coatings. The physical and chemical properties and corrosion resistance of scale coatings are not only related to the performance and composition structure of scale resins, but also to a large extent related to the state of the resin and scale interfaces. Different types of The resin should use different types of coupling agents. It is difficult to judge the saturation of the surface treatment even in a microscopic state. However, with China's existing cleaning technology, it is difficult to add a certain amount of treatment agent to completely cover all the scales. Effect, resulting in poor dispersion and suspension performance, and the resin is not tightly combined, which seriously affects the anticorrosive effect of the layer.