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Reflective Glass Beads Properties And Applications

Jan 30, 2020

Glass microbeads are made of borosilicate raw materials through high-tech processing. Its particle size is generally 10-250 microns, and the wall thickness is controlled between 1-2 microns. Glass microbeads are a new type of material with a wide range of uses and special properties developed in recent years. Because it has the characteristics that other products do not have, this product has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, good chemical stability, etc. Its surface is specially treated with oil- and water-repellent properties, and it is easy to disperse in organic materials System. It can also be applied in special circumstances. 

After the glass beads are coated, they can be better coupled with the coating, and also be moisture-proof and light-proof. Adapt to use in rainy, foggy, humid areas. The individual lines of the marking glass beads are colorless and transparent, no obvious bubbles and impurities, spherical, good fluidity, easy operation, reasonable particle size distribution, suitable for various road constructions. Reflective glass beads can play a special role, that is, use on the road. The organic combination of reflective glass beads and marking paint on the road markings makes the lights shine on the marking lines with glass beads when the car is driving at night, so that the light of the lights can be reflected in parallel and the driver can see clearly The direction improves the safety of driving at night. This is the special role played by glass beads.