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Production Process Of Landscape Glass Sand

Jan 25, 2020

Landscape glass sand is an irregular granular material. It is a small particle that can be embedded in glass products and can form different shapes. It has a good decorative effect on glass products. Glass sand has not only transparent particles, but also colored glass sand particles.

Before the landscape glass sand is formed into a ball, a glass frit with the above-mentioned high refractive index glass optical glass properties must be provided for production. At present, most domestic manufacturers use the platinum crucible production method to produce such glass raw materials. For each 45Kg of glass frit produced, it takes 8-10Kg of platinum crucible and several kilowatts of molybdenum electrode to heat for several hours to obtain it. For each ton of similar glass frit produced, the platinum loss can be as high as 8-10%. Make the production cost of the product quite expensive. There are about dozens of domestic companies producing high-refractive-index glass beads using platinum crucible production methods. Due to low production and high cost. It is far from meeting the needs of the current market. An all-electric melting furnace composed of special refractory materials should be used to replace the existing platinum crucible to produce high refractive index glass water quenching materials for other production plants to produce glass beads.

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