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How To Maintain The Landscape Stone

Jan 05, 2020

Landscape stone is a natural round sculpture. The landscape stones in the water stones are mostly round, ancient, and rhythmic. Like figures, some have round faces and gentle expressions, like statues of Buddhism; some are slightly exaggerated, thick and concise, and have the artistic characteristics of "Shang and Zhou" round carvings. The landscape stones in the mountains are mostly rough, majestic, and vigorous, and their masculinity is very eye-catching, just like the "Qin and Han" round sculpture characteristics regeneration. Whether it is a water stone landscape stone or a mountain stone landscape stone, its remarkable characteristics and three-dimensional visual effects are extremely dramatic. Its many "angleable" advantages are enough to keep other strange stones out of reach.

Because no matter how you look at it from any angle, you will not feel off-topic, but will make you add some new ideas and beauty. This is the charming address of the landscape stone, and it is also one of the most representative characteristics of the mountain stone. The landscape stone, with its magnificent character and great momentum, stands proudly among our clan of strange stones, and has become an undisputed leader. As a result, it has increasingly attracted the attention of depositors. However, due to various reasons such as the increase in the number of deposits, the number of pictographic stones has become increasingly scarce. It is now difficult for us to preserve a perfect spiritual wall stone. Therefore, taking it into the bag, it becomes more and more difficult and valuable. Because the possession of landscape stones is not only a manifestation of destiny, but also a symbol of glory

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