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Factors Affecting Glass Cover Quality

Jan 30, 2020

There are several main factors that affect the quality of the glass cover: First of all, identifying the inherent quality of a glass bottle requires a series of professional tests such as cold burst test and internal stress test. When we got a glass bottle with a smooth and bright body, no color difference, no rotten fry at the mouth, and a uniform thickness at the bottom of the bottle, there were no obvious flaws. This was considered a qualified glass wine bottle. Looking at the bright light, the glass bottle has dense small air bubbles on the body. The direct consequence of this situation is that the stress in the glass bottle is insufficient. This is mainly due to the insufficient temperature of the melting pool and insufficient melting of the frit liquid. It is a serious quality problem.

Secondly: If the surface of the mold is not oxidized for a long time or continuous use causes some impurities to adhere to the surface of the mold, the resulting glass bottle will have slight unevenness. Although it does not affect the quality in essence, it seriously affects the appearance.