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Advantages Of Using Alcohol Fireplaces

Jan 20, 2020

In today's life, there are many heating devices, but considering environmental issues, people often use such devices as alcohol fireplaces. For this kind of equipment, few people believe that they know about alcohol fireplaces in life. So what are the advantages of this device we use in life? Let's take a look at it together!

1. Alcohol can be used for about 20 hours at a time, and it can be switched on and off at random: Avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent addition of alcohol.

2. The combustion chamber and the alcohol storage room are two completely isolated and independent institutions, which greatly reduces the fire risk caused by alcohol leakage.

3. It is not necessary to install fully enclosed protective glass. The glass is not hot, can be touched, and the sense of space is more integrated, and people are closer to the fire.

4. The installation of air ducts, flues, and large fireplaces without the need of Daxing civil engineering can be completed in only two or three days, without delaying business hours, and can also be used as mobile.

5. Anti-spill protection device: The alcohol balance in the combustion chamber is controlled to burn below a certain range. It is forbidden that the liquid level burns out of balance and overflows.

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