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What should I do if the glass lampshade is cracked?

Jan 30, 2020

Because it is made of glass, the material is very fragile, so we must be very careful when using it, once it falls underneath, it will definitely break, then today we will find out if the glass lamp cover at home is cracked What should we do?

1. If you find a crack in the glass pendant lampshade, don't panic. Take it down first to see if the crack is not too big to affect the use. If it is only a slight crack, you can continue to use it without affecting the use and safety For a while.

2. If the crack is large and there are many cracks, remove it first, put it in a safe place, and then buy a new glass lampshade to replace it. Searching for a glass lampshade on a treasure will bring up many styles for you Choose, choose a style that matches the furniture at home, place an order to buy, and replace the old aging glass lampshade after the glass lampshade arrives.

3. If it takes more money to replace a new glass lampshade, you can consider repairing it. For places that are not heated, you can use 502 fast adhesive for bonding. For more important and heated places, use ultraviolet glass. Glue is repaired because 502 is prone to failure due to excessive heat.

4. The glass lampshade is broken. I ca n’t find a suitable lampshade for replacement. You can choose DIY to design one. The material can be made of paper for the lampshade or plastic with better heat resistance.

5. If the glass lampshade often goes wrong, you can choose to buy a plastic lampshade with high heat resistance. The plastic lampshade is relatively safe and the price is not expensive.

6. The lampshade can be cleaned once in a while, and the use of the lampshade can be checked during the cleaning. If it is found to be damaged, it can be replaced in time.