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What makes an alcohol fireplace?

Jan 20, 2020

The development of society has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. In the cold winter, we often use heating equipment for heating. Alcohol fireplaces are a new type of heating equipment in life. For this kind of device, nobody knows it in life. So what are the components of this device?

1. Alcohol storage: It can be used for 3-100 hours at a time, and it can be switched on and off during the period: avoid the inconvenience caused by frequent addition of alcohol, especially the frequent addition of alcohol during business hours.

2. Convenient control buttons: You can control the switch at any time through the buttons and remote control, and adjust the power of the fire: the gear can be made into two gears: high and low, or infinitely many gears.

3. Special combustion part: The alcohol fireplace core is designed with a special combustion chamber that is completely isolated from the alcohol storage chamber, so that the combustion is absolutely full. The carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide produced are the lowest, the safest and the most environmentally friendly, so that users can absolutely Enjoy the peace of mind that the alcohol fireplace brings the warmth of real fire. And after burning, there will be no blackening or severe yellowing on the stove surface. A little cleaning will always be new.

4. Time-timing parts: Each time you start the machine, you can only work continuously for X hours, and then it will automatically shut down to prevent you from forgetting to turn off when you go out.

The above is an introduction to the parts of equipment such as alcohol fireplaces. I believe that everyone can choose heating equipment well in life.