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What is the ignition process of an alcohol fireplace?

Jan 15, 2020

In winter, people often need to use heating equipment for heating. Different people use different heating equipment. In response to the environmental protection strategy advocated by the state, many people use equipment such as alcohol fireplaces. An alcohol fireplace is a device that needs to be ignited when in use. So what is the process of igniting an alcohol fireplace?

1. Alcohol must be 10-15 cm below the mouth of the alcohol fireplace.

2. Alcohol fireplace should wait for 10-20 minutes after running out of alcohol. Add alcohol after the alcohol cools down. Do not add alcohol while the alcohol fireplace is burning to avoid dangerous accidents.

3. Use the provided ignition rod to dip some alcohol in the alcohol fireplace combustion box, and then place the ignition rod head into the alcohol fireplace combustion box to ignite the alcohol.

4. Alcohol fireplaces will have a slight deflagration phenomenon if the alcohol is continuously used for a short time. Keep the safety distance of about 20-30 cm when using the ignition rod to ignite.

5. If there is alcohol spill or accidentally poured on the surface of the alcohol fireplace combustion box, it must be cleaned and dried before ignition.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone can use this kind of equipment such as alcohol fireplace well in life, and can bring us warmth in life.