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What can landscape stone do?

Jan 05, 2020

1. Stone sculpture

Sculpture stone sculpture refers to sculptures made of granite, sand stone, marble and other stone or artificial stone. This method is often used in the establishment of ugliness in Hefei, and it is particularly typical in the amber villas and the city around AD.

2. Fountain stone view

Fountain stone scene is a combination of stone scene and water scene, showing the artistic atmosphere.

3. Stepping Stone Scenery, Tingbu Stone Scenery

Using stone for stepping and stepping, it has the dual function of distinguishing space, rich ground and water surface phenomena, and guiding tourism.

4. Waterfall Stone View

Based on the topography of the garden, the rock is piled up and the water is drawn from top to bottom, forming a waterfall. This practice is commonly known as "clay stone" and is a rare practice in rockery today. Natural waterfalls try to hide artificial traces as much as possible, focusing on the charm of performance.

5.Stone view on the bank

Use stones, or change the foothill stack along the water surface or along the height difference.

6.Scattered stone scene

Stones, mountains and seas, groups of people, scattered on the roadside, waterside, under the forest, the edge of the footsteps, the corners of the building, coordinated terrain, planting flowers and trees sometimes become a natural stool, sometimes the base of a pot, Sometimes it becomes a transition of local height difference and raw material modification. It is a very natural decoration and hint. This is a common use of mountain stones in gardens.

7.Lonely enjoy the stone scene

In the gardens, the lake stones, axe split stones, stalagmite stones, etc. are often selected in the garden's primary position for appreciation. With the right purpose. It often becomes a scene in the garden. As the main scene, stone is given a certain intent and color of love in the environment, which makes it artistically appealing and attracts people's appreciation