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Uses of glass beads

Feb 05, 2020

As one of the glass products that Yongqing Bailuyuan Glass Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing, glass beads are our company's flagship products. Grinded glass beads and colored glass beads not only have a wide range of applications in industry, but also glass beads. It is also very versatile.

The main purpose of glass beads is to hit the aerospace parts with glass beads to eliminate their stress to increase fatigue strength and reduce friction and abrasion; sandblasting and rust removal, paint removal, carbon deposition removal, and machined cutting marks; anodizing and plating Before the treatment, in addition to cleaning, it can increase adhesion; dirt removal of rubber molds; aesthetic processing such as welding bead cleaning and surface scratch removal of stainless steel workpieces; cleaning and rust removal of wire cutting molds; road marking reflective; art Decorative appearance and so on.


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