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Three misunderstandings of stone decoration

Feb 13, 2020

1, Some construction companies and owners are not familiar with the material properties of stone and the characteristics of stone application. They are either afraid of using stone, such as exaggerating the radioactive problem; Some sandstones are used for exterior walls, but not for higher cost maintenance and so on. These have affected the promotion and use of stone as the main building decoration material to a certain extent.

2, Stone engineering emphasizes material and light technology. Some owners and construction personnel attach great importance to the color and texture of the stone, but generally do not pay enough attention to the color of the stone and the technical content of the construction. One-sided emphasis is placed on the "quality is king" of the material itself. As a result, the technique is not good. And affect the decorative effect. For example, the material mix is inconsistent, the flatness, chromatic aberration, and corner treatment are not refined enough, thick branches and large leaves, and even in the dry hanging construction of the stone with large technical difficulty coefficient, there are still some hidden quality problems.

3, Only the initial investment in decoration, neglecting the maintenance during use. "Three points of texture, seven points of conservation" is the "iron law" of decorative stone, but in practical applications, people often only care about the material's texture, environmental protection and other attributes. When buying materials, they are willing to spend money, but once the decoration is completed, In the process of use, there is rarely careful maintenance. Often, it is remembered, or we will go to "pick up and pick up" when we are free. It lacks regular maintenance. This will greatly affect the durability of the stone's beautiful appearance and excellent internal quality.

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