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Take you to the benefits of ground torches

Jan 10, 2020

1. Ground Torch Introduction:

Ground-type torch system: Also called ground-fired torch, it is an environmentally-friendly torch-combustion system.

Features: It has the characteristics of no smoke, no open flame, no smoke, no smoke, low noise, small radiation, stable combustion, low combustion cost, and low emissions. At the same time, it is also equipped with hard manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic ignition devices to ensure a successful ignition.

The ground torch system can ensure timely, safe, and reliable venting of fuel gas when the gas needs to be discharged, ensuring low noise and smokelessness during operation.

The ground torch system is mainly composed of a control valve, a ground torch (composed of a burner group, a radiation protection heat shield and a protective wall), and a ground torch automatic ignition system.

2.Ground torch size

Height: 20 meters, 24 meters, 27 meters

Diameter: 5 meters, 7 meters, 11 meters

Cylindrical body welded with 16Mn steel plate or Q235 carbon steel, with reinforcing rings and ribs on the outside; lightweight ceramic fiber refractory material inside the cylinder body, stainless steel wire mesh and bolts

Fixed: The outer surface of the cylinder is coated with a high temperature resistant paint with a temperature resistance greater than 200

The top of the cylinder is provided with a stainless steel deflector, which can withstand the erosion of rainwater and smoke and prevent the insulation material from getting wet in the cylinder in rainy days.

Take 5 meters in diameter and 20 meters in height for example. According to theoretical thermal calculations and actual site conditions, to ensure that the equipment can run longer, the company designs a more reasonable and complete insulation knife

3.10 meters insulation and refractory solution at the bottom of the ground torch

The thickness of the total thermal insulation and refractory material at the bottom of the combustion tower is 1060 meters, and the thickness is 1260 high-purity fiber modules + 1260 standard backing blankets. The thickness of the module is 200m, and the material is high-purity type; the backing layer is compressed from two 20m thick fiber blankets to 30m (fixed with quick cards).