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How to use alcohol fireplace safely?

Jan 20, 2020

With the development of society, our research on heating equipment is also relatively extensive. In western countries, people often use equipment such as fireplaces for heating. With the development of alcohol fireplace equipment, we will also use alcohol fireplaces for heating in daily life. Because the fuel of this equipment is alcohol, we need to pay special attention when using it, so how to use alcohol fireplaces safely and effectively?

1, 95% of biomass energy alcohol is: plant-refined ethanol, some cheap alcohol is chemical products or toxic methanol is added, although it can also be burned, it is harmful to the human body

2. Someone should watch over the use of alcohol fireplace, and do not let children approach the alcohol fireplace to avoid burns. If there is alcohol spill or accidentally poured on the surface of the alcohol fireplace burning box, it must be cleaned and dried before ignition.

3, Alcohol storage of alcohol fireplace must be in a safe and cool place. Do not place alcohol fireplaces on sidewalk entrances.

4. Alcohol must be 10-15 cm below the mouth of the alcohol fireplace. The alcohol will be slightly detonated for a short period of time. When the ignition is used for ignition, keep the safety of about 20-30 cm. distance

5. Alcohol fireplaces need to wait for 10-20 minutes after the alcohol is used up. Add alcohol after the alcohol cools down. Do not add alcohol while the alcohol fireplace is burning to avoid dangerous accidents.

6. After the alcohol fireplace is lit, the alcohol will gradually decrease and eventually extinguish with the burning of alcohol. The length of the burning time depends on the size of the different combustion boxes, ranging from 1 hour to 10 hours.

The above is an introduction on how to use the equipment such as an alcohol fireplace safely. I believe that you can use this equipment well after reading it.