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How to clean the landscape stone

Jan 05, 2020

Nowadays, landscape stones are widely used, and many gardens also use landscape stones as embellishments! Because it is also very beautiful in appearance, it can be matched with various scenes very well. The use of stone in landscapes has a long history. Natural stone is an ancient building material with high strength, good decoration, high durability, and a wide range of sources.

Landscape stones are generally placed outdoors. It will inevitably cause artificial stones to be stained with dirt for a long time, so it is also necessary to clean artificial stones.

1. The surface of the landscape stone cannot be covered with carpet for a long time. The debris landscape stone is porous and breathable. To keep the stone breathing smoothly, you should avoid covering the carpet and debris on the stone surface for a long time. Otherwise, the stone will be wet. Gas cannot evaporate through the pores of the stone. The stone will cause annoying stone lesions due to excessive moisture and increased water content. (Reminder, it is very difficult to clean up the landscape stones.) If you must lay a carpet and pile up debris, do n’t forget Always change.

2. Don't pour vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic liquid directly on the surface. These drinks and condiments can enter the interior of the landscape stone through the pores of the landscape stone, which is also very difficult to clean. Do not use acid-based cleaning solutions, such as bathroom cleaning solutions, cement surface cleaners, or bathtub tile cleaners.

3. Landscape stones should not be in contact with strongly acidic and strongly alkaline substances. Acid often causes oxidation of sulphur and iron minerals in granite to produce yellowing (oxidation of ferrous iron to ferric iron). Acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in landscape rocks. It will be converted into calcium bicarbonate, which will cause the surface to be eroded; alkali will also attack the grain boundaries of feldspar and quartz silicide crystals in granite and cause grain peeling. Therefore, acid and alkali substances are the main cause of damage to the stone mirror surface.

4. Do not use corrosive cleaning products to clean the surface of the landscape stone, such as dry cleaners or soft cleaners. In order to obtain fast cleaning effect, general cleaning agents contain acid and alkali. Therefore, if the cleaning agent with unknown ingredients is used for a long time, the stone surface will lose its gloss, and the residual of non-neutral agents will also be the main cause of stone lesions in the future. .

The landscape stones are all bought by you for a large price. Doing good maintenance of the landscape stones will save you the cost of the next landscape stone maintenance.