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Are glass beads just decorations?

Jan 30, 2020

Now most people may only stay on the decoration of our glass beads, because everyone may not know enough about this related industry. And everyone may know less about glass microbeads. Maybe everyone thinks that it can only be applied to clothes or other items as decoration, but with the development of various aspects, its role is not only these. It can play a great role in a large area.

The first place to be used is the reflection of road markings. When we hear its name, we should know that glass beads must be applied to the production of road markings, and its volume is very small. It can only be seen with the help of some tools, which cannot be seen with the naked eye under normal circumstances, so you can use these aspects to take advantage of this performance.

There is also an auxiliary effect that can be applied to metal polishing. This application is very extensive. This application also uses the small characteristics of glass beads. As a ball, it will be very clean, and this way It can be used to assist our metal surface cleaning work, and it is often used in industrial production, so its role is very large, in the continuous development, it is not only the role of ornaments Already.