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Advantages of sandblasted glass marble

Jan 25, 2020

Compared with other shot blasting media, blasted glass ball has great advantages. Compared with iron shots and stainless steel shots, the particle size of iron shots and stainless steel shots is difficult to be less than 0.15mm. Therefore, this type of medium is often used for sandblasting of some steel castings and larger parts. Precision castings and some non-ferrous metal devices will cause these devices to deform, leave marks, and eliminate excessive stress. 

The glass beads can be made smaller than 0.05mm. Due to the small particle size, the contact area with the parts is very small, so it is not easy to damage the parts, the stress is more uniform, and the matte effect is better. Glass beads also have irreplaceable advantages compared with other glass sands such as silicon carbide and quartz sand. Because the sand medium is irregular or angular, no matter the size, it will basically damage the sprayed device. Some traces will appear under the microscope, which will easily cause surface pollution and corrosion, which will not achieve long-term use. However, after the glass beads are shot-blasted, there are few traces on the surface of the device, which can achieve long-lasting effects.