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1/4'' Caribbean Reflective Fire Glass

Premium quality polished reflective glass create beautiful reflections of the flame!

Product Details

Premium quality polished reflective glass create beautiful reflections of the flame!

Tempered and safe for indoor / outdoor fireplace use!

1/4" high luster fire glass non-tumbled for maximum the effect of reflection!

Replacing dated fire pit logs, lava rock and decor with a new modern look!

100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Product date

Product Name:

1/4'' Caribbean blue Reflective Fire Glass

Item No.:

1/4” ZFG11R


Caribbean blue Reflective



Glass Size:

1/4 inch thick




10lbs Or 20lbs Per PE Bag, Then Loading Into Paper Case And Pallet ,As Per Customer’s Requirement


High quality glass put through a unique silica infusion process


Platinum/Cobalt Blue/Copper/Pacific Blue/ Black/Gold/Emerald Green/Bronze/Gunmetal/Champagne Pink/ Caribbean Blue/ Reseda Green/Water blue / StarFire


In fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces

Heat Rating:

Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.

Quality Control:

Stringent multi-step QC process.

Place of Product:

Zhejiang Province,China


Rinse glass to remove unwanted dust from manufacturing. Dry on towel.


10 lbs fire glass will cover around 1.2 sq. ft. with depth of 1 inch.

Recommended Uses: 

1\ Fire Pits / Fireplace / Fire Bowl

2\ Mulch Glass /vase fillers

3\ Garden Decoration / Landscape

4\ Planters / Flower Arrangements

5\ Aquarium Stone / Water Features

6\ Other Creative Interior / Exterior Design

1 (1) 1 (2) 1 (3)


1、 Fire glass can be sharp and should be handled with caution. It is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses while handling product. 

2、Glass would be extremely hot. Do NOT handle for at least 2 hours after used.

3、Keep this product away from babies and children, prevent them from swallowing or being hurt. Not for use by children.

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